REACH - Ivan

Ivan (Bishop Ward Class of 2018)

November 21st, 2018

2018 Fall Semester

My experience at Rockhurst has been incredible. I am very grateful for having the
opportunity to be able to attend such a great school. As of now, I am still set on a psychology
major and a Spanish major. I also am still set on a theater minor but I have also set my eyes on
achieving an English minor. I was involved in the last two productions for my schools theater
department and I have made amazing friends through it. The first production I got cast in was
Arabian Nights, it was an incredible show that involved the story tellings of a woman in order to
protect her family from an evil king. The second show I was involved in was The Christians. It
was our social justice piece for the year and it spoke on the subject of hell and how one pastor
opposed the idea of it. It was a really moving show, I was glad to have been a part of it because it
really solidified my faith. I have been attending our morning mass in the chapel each Wednesday
and it has really helped me keep my mental health up and my faith strong. I am excited for my
next semester, because of the money I have received through generous scholarships and the
money I have saved up, I think I have enough money to be able to live on campus and become
more involved. I am very excited about it and I cannot wait to spend more time with friends and
be able to have more time for school. I am so very grateful for the help I have been given
financially and I truly have been living to my best potential. I hope I continue to make you guys
proud and I hope to be able to repay what you have given me to another student in need, in the
Thank you once again.
- Ivan