Reach - Cheyenne

Cheyenne (Bishop Ward - Class of 2016)

January 9, 2019
Hello. My name is Cheyenne,  I am a junior at Missouri State University. My major is Philosophy with a minor in Religious Studies, and I am on the pre-law track. My college experience has been full of good, hard lessons of do's and don'ts. There is an adaptation you have to make to the environment in order to be successful and I wasn't prepared for that transition.  Figuring out schedules, financial aid, just the process itself, was confusing and kind of scary. Mostly for me I had to learn time management, better studying skills and a lot of real world adult things that school alone just doesn't prepare you for. Like managing a job as well, home life responsibilities, bills, and even relationships.  I had to get to know me, there is so much free time within college I had to figure out what worked better for me, for example morning classes or not? Definitely not... 
But going to college has been a great thing for me and I see opportunities lining up. I am the first person in my family to go to college, so everything is new for my mom as well. I am grateful for my high school experience because it allowed me to bring in dual credits; and because of that I'm graduating early. Reach also gave me guidance through a great support system, and unlimited moral support. 
Going in to college, not knowing what you want to do is fine. Don't put pressure on yourself to figure that out. It'll happen. The most important thing is to apply yourself to your work and being open minded to all areas of studies. Also keep in mind the things you are good at and what you like; what's something you would want to spend your time learning about while also being able to use it later lucratively. And a planner, lol, oh man a planner is very important.  Working in school can be a smart investment, but like I mentioned that's when good time management is the most important.  Its easy to get caught up in the stress of other things especially finances. Get close to your professors, and advisors, not only are they there to help you but they will be able to give you good genuine letters of recommendation later. 
I wish you all the best, 
- Cheyenne