Committee Responsibilities

Marketing, IT, Artistic... we need creative people to help keep our club representation fresh.  Good organization skills... we need to make sure the other committees get their content written and scheduled for publication.

Website and Social Media

  • Site Maintenance
  • Content Management 


  • Graphic Design
  • Schedule Content Release
Committee Members

Committee Chair:  

Committee Members:  

Brian Paulsen
Ross Kurz
Leigh Briggs
Lisa May
Kirk Nelson
Opportunities for Involvement
  1. Scheduled content to be pushed out via Social Media and the website (e.g., announcements for upcoming events, fundraising, etc).  
  1. Manage/collect content for the website and social media.  
  1. Enable crowdfunding from the website and social media.  Two needs:  IT expertise to setup (Brian), operations to coordinate with finance
  1. Club photo historian.  Setup a place where everyone can upload their pictures from events, so we can use them on the website and social media.
  1. Club historian... capture the current members “Rotary Story”.  Video and text content.
  1. April Fools Run public relations coordinator.  Produce and schedule content to be posted to all public relations sources.
  1. Social Media content coordinator... 1-2 postings via social media per week.  
  1. Website and Social Media club IT apprentice
  1. Graphic Design expert to make our content pretty