Couples Membership
The purpose of the Couple’s membership category is to fulfill a desire by the club to provide some flexibility and reach another sector of potential members.
  • Both parties in the couple’s membership would be considered Rotary members (Traditional) and would be subject to district and international dues, but they are only charged for meals for one person.
  • Each week one of the two could attend the meeting. Both members would be free to participate in community service, socials and committee involvement.
  • Note: If both members chose to attend a meeting, the guest charge would apply to the second member.
Club Dues
  • Couple Membership Dues will be based on the Single Member dues, plus the cost for RI and District fees for the second member.
  • RI and District Dues for the second member are currently $120.00/year.  Billed quarterly ($30)
  • Rotary International (RI) Foundation and A Child’s Tomorrow (ACT), Leawood Rotary Club’s own Foundation;  The club promotes all members to be sustainers (supporters) of both foundations,  therefore the goal is that both members become sustainers.($25/quarter/each, for a total of $200/year for both foundations per person)