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One Park Place
700 West 31st Street
Suite 1903
Kansas City, MO  64108
United States

Folks need to enter the entrance drive off of 31st Street; come around to the stop sign in front of the building (on North side overlooking the park) and then call the front desk on their cell 816‐268‐7527

The front desk will have a list of attendees -- they’ll have you proceed to the garage entrance and open the door.  Instructions for parking are also included.  There are several spaces to the left, just as you enter the garage and the “visitor’s entrance” to the building lobby is right there as well. 

But if you arrive later it’s likely these visitors spaces will all be taken.  In that case, you can just proceed around and through the tunnel to the overflow parking.  The garage door to the tunnel may be shut – but just pull up and it will open.

Once you are parked, just go to the closest building entrance – There’s an intercom at each door in case no one has come to meet you to open the door.  Either the staff or Mary Lew or I will get you to our apartment. 

It sounds more involved than it is, but I didn’t want folks just driving all the way up to “the hood” for this and not being able to figure out how to  get in the building!  If for some reason your name is not on the list of invitees – they’ll just call us to make sure its ok to let folks in.

Can you make sure this gets to everyone who has RSVP’d –




This months wine tasting will be Chardonnay's.  Please bring a bottle to share with the rest of the attendees.

Remember when you register, once you know the bottle you will be bringing, add the bottle as a guest.  This way everyone will know what others are bringing, so we hopefully don't have any duplicates.  

Please also remember to bring your own tasting glass to the event.  Cheers!