Service Membership
The purpose of this membership category to attract and retain talented members who do not have the time to attend weekly morning meetings on a regular basis but have the talent and energy to devote to community projects, some meetings and socials. The goal is to become a traditional member within 5 years.
Service Member
  • $55 quarterly dues ($220 annually) includes RI Direct and Club dues.
  • Attends two events per quarter; either club meetings and/or club socials. (pays at the door for the breakfast $20)
  • In addition, pays for extra meals as they attend ($20 at door)
  • Attends a new member orientation
  • Provides at least 20 service hours per year, hours will be recorded. This can include committee meetings.
  • May not transfer from traditional Rotary Membership to Community Service Membership without Board approval.
  • Makes effort to become a traditional member within 5 years
  • Encouraged to join one committee
  • Not eligible to chair a committee and hold office
  • Will be appointed a mentor